Full of Life!

As I sit here in cluelessness how it's been over a month over since my last blog post while simultaneously cheering (disciplining) my son for what is it now, 2 hours, to get the dishes done, a lot of thoughts come to mind.


Never has a year flew by so fast. When I look back at the beginning of January, the word "excitement" comes to mind. I had recently signed up to do a one year online coaching school to become a certified Heath and Wellness coach. I was in the midst of transforming my body back to it's once healthier state through a program of Intermittent fasting and exercise. Sawyer was in his first year of playing high school basketball and Patience was tapping away at her dance studio preparing for her big end of the year recital at the Capitol Civic Center. Those dancers put in SO much time perfecting their dances, especially the older girls. In February, Sawyer and I and about at one point, HALF of the population at his high school came down with a "strange virus" that 70% in the local area who tested came back negative for Influenza A and B. However, since thousands of flights aren't happening daily across the world, and for sure we have zero world wide business with China, it couldn't "possibly" have been The Rona. (Although Sam and Sawyer BOTH had (0v!d toes at the same time yet I had NO idea what it was when they showed me, (0v!d just couldn't have been a possibility, right? ;) ). It doesn't matter anyway because our country didn't have tests to hand out anyway. (P.S. I kept a picture of the (ov!d toes for "proof" someday when we all eventually find out the truth in all of this and maybe I will get some sort of medal or something? HAHA! That's a joke by the way.). Also, I can't believe I ever have to type the rona as (ov!d so I don't get censored. AHHHH!?!?!?

The biggest and most exciting highlight we were approaching was our trip to Cozumel. We never really had a honeymoon of much as we were as Kahlid says, "young, dumb and broke", so we decided after 4 kids, health issues, 7 moves and 18 years of putting up with each other, we would celebrate on a tropical island with people of a language we don't speak, where our biggest commitments were which all inclusive restaurant we were going to eat at and what new drink I was going to have Juan blend up for me and pour into my Yeti tumbler.

We did indeed have an amazing trip and even though in flight we learned the country had shut down and my parents not only were there to watch the kiddos but also facilitate the much "loved" distance learning, everything went wonderful.

God knew we needed that trip for what lied ahead. We will forever be so grateful for that. Even if we never get to fly again because micro chips or mRNA vaccines will be required for flying, that's just fine. We got to see such an amazing piece of God's creation. We kept saying how it felt like a little glimpse of heaven. The Bible talks about palm trees and the sky when he gives us glimpses of glory, and to me, I just couldnt even imagine how beautiful Heaven will be. If Cozumel could be this mezmorizing, how will Heaven be?!

Fast forward nine months.

We aren't in Cozumel anymore, Pedro.

I have heard so many analogies this year describing 2020. George Orwell's 1984. Goundhog's Day. (The movie with Bill Murray, you know the thing.). Twilight Zone. The Truman Show. Punk'd. A nightmare.

I have to say I have either said or agreed with all of the above. Yet once again, God delivers. Today in my devotion God reminded me in His word that as a Christian I can EXPECT hardship and trials, persecution and sadness. However, the promise in addition to that is that He WILL provide a way for me to bear it and bear it with patience. He will provide other godly, like-minded Christians, experiencing the same hardships, to be there for us, just like He had for and with his disciples. There just is no greater joy, other than the joy of Salvation through Him, then that promise.

I could go on about the hardships. But I choose not to. The blessings of 2020 (and there are many) far supercede ANY of the hardships and annoyances. (Although I could go with a few less "masked karens" in 2021, but I realize my request is futile. ) Virtue and common sense have seemed to take a one way ticket to Crazyville with no intention of returning anytime soon. Yet, that's ok! I have my Jesus at my side. Homeschooling my littles and seeing my older two boys turn into the most joyful, helpful, humorous and hardworking sons has been a blessing I would take one hundred 2020's over again in a heartbeat.

So what does 2021 have on the agenda here at BlueRose Wellness? Well, for starter, I will have officially completed and earned my Health and Wellness coaching certification through the Health Coach Institute! This means, I can OFFICIALLY start adding clients to my calendar. Let's face it. We all need encouragement. We all need friends. We all need someone in life to "coach" us on. Some people do just grand with close friendships and their own personal motivations and goals. Yet, as the demands of life increase, the hours in a day stay at the same twenty-four. It definitely doesn't mean we all now have a "condition" that can only be solved with doctors and pharmaceuticals. As a patron of both of the aforementioned, I am 100% supportive and thankful for them. Yet, sometimes, often times, what most of these people need is a "life coach" who can support them, encourage them, show them "tips and tricks" that are simple and yet effective to help manage their life better and reach and sustain their goals.

This is where I come in!

I wanted to kick off this New Year with a positive spin! I want to give back to others something that I have been given in my quest of seeking health. Whether we like it or not, time is of the essence. The seconds on the clock keep ticking whether we are engaged or not . Time goes on with or without us. You could spend your next hour running outside in the fresh, crisp air or watching Dr. Pimple Popper on Youtube.

I mean, it's your choice!

However, I think we all know how we feel when we make one choice over another that wasn't the best.

Therefore, I am running a 30 day challenge called "Full of Life" starting January 11th on my website! More details will be coming out soon, but the best part of it all is it is FREE!~ AND! The end of the challenge will result in a few winners that will gift with you with some fun prizes as well! This challenge will be fun, uplifiting and incorporate all areas of health. No shaming, no impractical dieting, no hard jarring painful exercise. This program will allow YOU to make decisions with options I give you to choose the best path you want to incorprate to gain wellness. There will be a few specific requirements however:

1) You will need to head to my website and "subscribe" and create a "member login" which is free.

2) There will be a faith filled action every day. (If you are not Christian, that is ok! This isn't requred but you are more than welcome to!)

3) Keeping a VERY short daily journal of a food log and what you did for movement that day.

4) Daily check in's preferred on our wesbite group, but at LEAST weekly.

5) Drink half your body weight in ounces of purified water daily. (If you don't have a purifier or access to it, no worries! Just get the agua in!)

That's it!!! You will be amazed how these 5 simple steps will help improve and transform your all over wellness.

Believe it or not, I am READY for 2021. I don't have false expecations. I don't think the Rona will magically disappear or all will be "normal." At least not normal in the sense of how the world perceives it. What I do know is that all will be well. How do I know this?

Because Jesus loves me this I know. And He said so.

That's all I need....

........and that's all you need too.



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