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My name is Sara.

And I am a bookworm.

I wasn't always a bookworm. In fact, I don't remember enjoying reading much at all unil later in college. In high school, I was an "Oh crap! We were supposed to read that?! Cliff Notes kinda gal." I would make sure to always answer at least one question from the teacher directly quoting good old Cliff, so that I wasn't throwing off any vibes that Miss Sara had NOT read the book. (Sins of our youth my friends...sins of our youth. Let me reassure, #3 child is bringing back the whole, ' You just wait till you have children of your own)!"

Yet now, as a mom of 4 approaching the golden age of 42, I have officially embraced the bookworm title. If I am not reading a book for either my own entertainment, research or homeschool, I am listening to one on audio as I knit or do work. ( Currently listening to "My Dear Hamiliton)." My dream home has a vast library with floor to high ceiling bookshelves and a bay window for reading. Yes, I am a book lover and love to read actual turn -page books, not kindle or on any other kind of digital media devices.

I recently started the book called "Live not by lies"by Rod Dreher, and I can say with 100% honesty, I was captivated from the very first paragraph.

Live not by Lies states:

"Dreher amplifies the alarm and explains why it is so hard for us to recognize the threat of totalitarianism in our own time. He lays out the steps for resistance and shares stories of modern-day dissidents who preserved their faith and their integrity during a time of tyranny, revealing:

*How to keep your sons and daugthers in the faith, like the Benda Family whose six children remained faithful in the fate of persecution.

*How to stand firm, like Father Jerry Popieluszko, who gave up his life to speak out against the communist regime.

*How to let go of bitterness, like Physician Silvester Kremery, who prayed for his captors every day of his thirteen-year prison sentence.

*How to live not by lies, like Russia's Aleksandr Solzhenistyn, who refused to affirm anything he knew to be untrue, even at the price of exile."

I think we are all quite aware of how odd, surreal, uneasy and uncertain our current times are. I am also quite sure, that even with that common ground, many of us don't see eye to eye as to how and why the times are what they are. However, what isn't up for debate, and what IS absolute truth, is that this world IS sinful and history has , and does, repeat itself. We need to be vigilant. Wise as serpents and gentle as doves. That's a hard bar to rise to, but now, more than ever in our lifetime, we must be aware and wise, yet full of love and patience.

Live not by Lies is by far the best non fiction book I have read in ages. It was written in 2020 and because I love my family, God's people, and God's world I HIGHLY recommend you all purchase this book.

Read it.

Share it.

Talk about it.

And never, ever stop praying for our land, our leaders and our liberty.

What about you? Are you a bookworm as well?!

I would LOVE to hear in the comments what books you are reading or some of your favorite books you have read!

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