Somebody call 91:1

Somebody call 911!

Shawty fire burning on the dance floor


(Fire burning, fire burning) What a gwaan!

HAHA! I don't know why, but that is the song that immediately came to my head when I thought of this blog entry. My son Sawyer and I have this unique gift of being music lovers. My son is 15 years old and knows more artists, their songs and lyrics than almost anyone I know of ANY age. I was always the same way. It's kind of awesome. ;)

However, this has nothing to do with Sean Kingston's song nor does it have anything to do with actually calling 911. (However last night I had a slight panic attack as I went to turn off my phone for the night and you know on iphones how it gives you the option of shutting down your phone or calling emergency SOS?!? ) Yeah..guesss which one I accidentally hit....


No, this 911 is actually 91:1. Psalm 91:1.

I am not sure if you guys are aware but there is this kind of big thing going on right now called the Presidential election and well, let's just say, it's been nothing but short of a train wreck. I mean like two Amtraks coming full force at each other on the train tracks train wrekc.

Whether you bought one or not, you all have a ticket on the hot mess express of 2020.

Toot toot!!!!

Even though we are all passengers on this hot mess express and to put it mildly, it really, REALLY stinks. (Other words come to mind but I'll keep it mild). Honestly, ever since March, it has been one thing after another and it's been hard. I am not talking Cilka's Journey hard, (if you haven't read this book, I highly HIGHLY recommend it) , but for our entitled little first world hard, it's been emotionally draining. Personally , for me, it has been draining because in my mind, we truly DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM! Yes, we have a virus than can be serious in a very small percentage, yes we have a president who can be rude, arrogant, blunt and according to some "racist and a pig." However, in four years, I have had a more than blessed, stable and financially secure life. I have been able to speak my faith without fear of martyrdom. I have a home with heat and food on my table. We are not fighting a war on our soil (techincally we are always at SOME kind of war, but praise the Lord for our military and police). Americans who live in this country are blessed beyond belief. Our "worst" economical day, is a dream day for my friends in Uganda.

We have GOT to get it together.

Truth to be told, there will be no "getting it together" without the Gospel. If we lose our abiilty to preach the Gospel freely in our country, than any "round about"way to make the world better that citizens believed their candidate was going to bring them isn't even a possibility. Friends, we NEED to be abe to share the Gospel.

This is where Psalm 91:1 comes in. I recently read a book on Psalm 91 and it brought so much peace and hope to me. Have you ever read through this beautful Psalm? If not, I encourage you stop what you are doing, open your Bible, or your Bible app, or if you have neither yet, download the Bible app right now on your phone. Read through it. The coolest thing is that as you read and pray through this Psalm, insert the name of you or the person you are praying for in place of "you" in the Psalm. This year, I would pray this Psalm before each and every football game my sons played in. I would pray, and when it came to "you" I would always say, "Sam and Sawyer." The Lord hears the prayers of the righteous. He loves our children (His children on loan to us) more than the deepest, deepest love you or I could ever imagine. The personal prayer that becomes of Psalm 91 as you verbally speak the name of the person you are praying for is just uplifting and encourging.

Psalm 91:1 says this:

"Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the almighty."

Read that out loud.

Now , read it again.

We have the amazing, amazing gift of having emergency services at the touch of a phone. It is a blessing beyond comprehension. I cannot even imagine what life was like before emergency services, yet our world multiplied and continued on even when this service never existed. The sad reality, is that many, many people lost their lives to disease and accidents that today could have easily been prevented because of our 911 services. For those of you who serve in any department of emergency services, thank you. Thank you so, so much.

We have used these services before. The first time, when our oldest son was barely a year old and stopped breathing due to a virus where we believe he choked on his vomit from a febrile seizure. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, yet God in his goodness and mercy provided his children on earth to come in the form of emergency angels. Thank you , God. Thank you.

However, man is still fallible. Man still cannot do what God can do. We may not always have access to 911 services. They may get not get there in time. They may not be able to reverse the emergency. It happens.

All. The. Time.

Even with this known fact, we still have a 911 that is forever available and always saving.

That something is Psalm 91:1. The Creator of this world. The creator of the lungs that exchange our respiration gasses and the heart that pumps our blood to and fro, promises us in that sweet, simple verse, that is simply DWELL in His shelter, than we will REST in His shadow. If we walk hand in hand with Him.If we call on Him in the days of every trouble. If we hide under his wings, He will cover us like a hen covers her chicks under her wings.

Those 911 angels, are just a tiny GLIMPSE of the "angels concerning YOU ,that He will command to GUARD YOU in all ALL your ways."

So, call upon Psalm 91:1.

He will deliver you.

He will honor you

He ADORES you.

He loves you.

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