The best is yet to come...

Tonight as I write this blog, my daughter is on the cusp of turning 8. EIGHT!!!!! Oddly enough, I am knitting a pair of baby socks for one of the slew of babies of friends and family being born in the next few months. Why is that odd you might say? Well, I guess it's not odd, but maybe more, ironic. You see, eight years ago this very moment I was up late, knitting, because I had a funny feeling. That funny feeling ended up being sweet little Patience Clara beginning her bold and boisterous entrance into this shattered and beautiful world.

The love for your child is just indescribable. The emotions they create in your heart are as far and wide as the east is from the west. There are days of joys and laughter. There are days of sorrow and tears. Hope and worry, wins and defeats. There are days where I think , "Yup. This might just be the day that does me in," only to be followed by the sweetest comment and hug from one of my children.

Lately, my days seem to be filled with one defeat after another. As many of you know, I am not on the side of joyful at the state of our world. Every day there seems to be a another conservative cancelled, "deplatformed", as they say. Every day another executive order blindly signed like a second grader learning to write their name in cursive. Every day another friend or family member tears a little piece of my heart out and steps on it, grinds their shoe into, spits on it, and walks away like they never knew me. Yeah, yeah....maybe you think I sound a little dramatic. But honestly? It's the way a lot of us feel right now. Every day is another "shock and awe" of what we always knew was possible but never truly expected or prepared for.

I mean really, what would Lucy do right about now?!


Everytime I throw up my hands in absolute frustration, I am always reminded, either by someone or something, that God, my Heavenly Father is completely in control . Nothing that is happening or will happen hasn't been planned perfectly by Him. Everything is planned for our good and His glory. All things have passed through His hands to be perfecly molded and placed in our lives for such a time as this.

The Best, truly, is yet to come.

Sharing with you the song I sang last Easter when we were all "locked down" and had to have virtual Resurrection Sunday celebration.

He is King of Kings my friends and He is coming again soon!

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